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Magna Bloom provides industry-leading expertise, resources and networks designed to bring the highest level solutions to any obstacle that life sciences and clinical diagnostic companies face. We deliver practical application to your business or brand.


Advancing Diagnostics and the Life Sciences

Clinical diagnostics and the life sciences are transforming the world. Vaccines prevent disease. Gene therapies and precision health data cure them. MagnaBloom wants to help catalyze the many different transformations that are improving the quality of life around the world. From connecting people and companies with researchers to introducing entrepreneurs to potential funders, MagnaBloom is positioned to bring your facility closer to the other side of the globe. 


A Global Partner in Diagnostics and the Life Sciences

We create the “small business’” competitive advantage in diagnostics, the life sciences, engaging partners, maximizing opportunities, and delivering solutions to accelerate innovation, investment, and job creation. Our vision is to contribute to the push toward better healthcare, faster diagnostics, and streamlined operations. 

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